Covering my angst with the soothing wisdom from my mother's prayer journals



The most heinous mind scripted a diabolical plot last week and the result of that evil act was stunning.  No words were sufficient and the sight of people like Wolf Blitzer approaching children and asking asinine questions led most of us to turn off the TV and grieve.

The culprit was only a tool. My faith tells me the mastermind was our age old adversary who is always looking for whom he may devour and in this one vile act, he got us all.

Parents, grandparents, teachers, first responders all over the country mourned with the people in Connecticut.  The most joyous time of the year was tainted and many may never again rejoice.

That thought staggers me and, if not for the hope of eternity that my faith teaches, I would be left totally hopeless.

Years ago I taught in a Christian school and one of my first grade students and I had a conversation I still clearly remember.  We were sitting at the reading table, the altar of a first grade teacher, and as I worked with a small group, David sat next to me working quietly.

After a few minutes he nudged me and asked, “Teacher, what does become mean?”

“Well, it’s like you will become a man and I will become an old woman.”

A look of great compassion crossed his face and he sweetly replied, “You won’t be old forever.  You’ll go to heaven and get a whole new body.”

“You’re right, David.  Thank you for reminding me.”

Thinking our conversation was over, I went back to work with the other students, but soon I felt another nudge.  “Teacher, I’ll look for you there.”

I realized what he meant and said, “That will be great.”

He nudged me again, “How bout I meet you by the River of Life?”

The seven-year old had been taught to believe and had received the promise.

In her journal mother wrote, “It is such a comfort to drop the entanglements and perplexities of life into His hands and leave them there.  Never try to get out of a dark place except in His timing and His way.”

We can’t alter the “dark place” of last week’s evil act, but because He sent His son, many of those who lost loved ones can look forward to a reunion.  Joy to the World!

Author: marymcleary

Grateful for so many things, especially the peace He gives and the opportunity to tell it to my kids, grandkids and anyone else who wants to listen. Many read my first book In My Mother's Words, and I have recently published my second book, Heart Whispers from the Old Testament. Both are the result of the prayer journals my mother gifted me her last Christmas. Those journals were full of the wisdom of a Faith Walker and had to be shared.

4 thoughts on “Hope

  1. How I love the Godly wisdom of this site… You’ve wrapped up nicely the dilemma that we live in this fallen world everyday… This is not our home… We too will be transported supernaturally to the other dimension to live in perfection the way our Father always intended it… There is no peace in our soul until we are with Him. Those children are there now… We’ll run the race He has set before us and share truths in fellowship. The truths of wisdom shared my you and your mother make this world a more understandable place… better too… Lots better…


  2. What a tremendous post, gentle yet having so much impact! My wife is an English teacher & she believes children that are raised in a home that reads the Bible are somehow just better students, deeper thinkers and more aware. For myself, I wanted to say so many things about Connecticut’s tragedy but my own words just seem so inadequate. All I can say is that I know I’ll never be quite the same again…and maybe that’s a good thing. God bless us all.


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