Covering my angst with the soothing wisdom from my mother's prayer journals

Sometimes You Have to Plant Your Feet, Stand Your Ground and Raise Your Voice

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Proverbs 15:1-2 A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.  The tongue of the wise uses knowledge, but the mouth of fools pours forth foolishness.

For me, the trickiest part of being a parent of young children was to know the best approach to discipline.  Fatigue and frustration sometimes caused me to react in anger that wasn’t justified, but there were times when a child’s behavior was dangerous and I reacted with an angry voice that clarified the problem and brought about a desired solution.

There are some people who mistake a soft voice for weakness and there are some who just don’t get subtlety. Sometimes, for their own good, you have to plant your feet, stand your ground and raise your voice. As a wiser woman once told me, that approach is fine as long as it isn’t done too often and is always done in love.

The most loving Father uses different methods to guide His children. He woos us with his love, puts up roadblocks against danger, and if we won’t listen, He shouts.

In her journal Mother wrote, “Anger is a strong emotion.  Often it may drive people to hurt others with words or physical violence. But anger directed at sin and the mistreatment of others is not wrong.  When injustice or sin makes you angry, ask God how you can channel that anger in constructive ways”.

Dear Lord, Today we pray for weary parents. Give them wisdom as they discipline their children. Amen

Author: marymcleary

Grateful for so many things, especially the peace He gives and the opportunity to tell it to my kids, grandkids and anyone else who wants to listen. Many read my first book In My Mother's Words, and I have recently published my second book, Heart Whispers from the Old Testament. Both are the result of the prayer journals my mother gifted me her last Christmas. Those journals were full of the wisdom of a Faith Walker and had to be shared.

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