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My Guest Blogger Shares Wisdom from a Conference in Kansas City, Missouri

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I have a guest on my blog today. Actually, he’s one of my favorite people in the world which is a good thing because we’re married.  Don McLeary has a special place in his heart for young people, and as a former football coach had the opportunity to make an impact on many lives. His post is a tribute to others who acknowledge the importance of raising responsible kids.


In 1975, I attended a business conference in Kansas City, Missouri where the keynote speaker was a professor in psychology from a college in Colorado.

His topic was You Are What You Are Because You Were Where You Were Then, and he got my attention when he said children have decided how they view the world by the time they are three years old. By this age their sense of right and wrong has been established.

He went on to tell his audience that responsibility and character are developed at an early age, and most personalities are determined by the environment.

He talked about culture as it related to each decade. Beginning with the 1920’s and continuing to the current time – the 1970’s, he posed three questions:

  1. What was the biggest movie?
  2. What was the hit song?
  3. How did people get their kicks?

Answering these questions, he said, would give a snapshot of the culture of each decade. When he compared the answers, the differences were stark. The culture had changed dramatically, and those changes would affect future generations.

He also contended that character and responsibility were the top traits employers looked for when hiring new people to their companies. He noted that if you grew up on a farm you were probably taught responsibility.

This conference came to mind when I visited with a doctor from Oak Ridge a few years ago who told me about something that happened when he was a young man eking out a living on a farm in the 1930’s.

Finding the task impossible, he hopped a train to Detroit to find other work. Arriving at his destination he found long employment lines, but he was fortunate to land a job. Curious as to why he was hired, my friend asked the man who hired him and was told, “You grew up on a farm. I figured you were responsible.”

Responsibility is one of the most important characteristics a person can have to ensure a fulfilling life.   My hat’s off to the parents, grandparents, pastors, teachers, coaches and anyone else who pours time and energy into helping children become responsible. You are truly Making Something Happen.

Thanks Don for sharing your thoughts. Readers can read more of Don’s posts a

In her journal Mother wrote, “We must take full responsibility for our actions and confess them to God before we can expect Him to forgive us and continue His work in us.”

Author: marymcleary

Grateful for so many things, especially the peace He gives and the opportunity to tell it to my kids, grandkids and anyone else who wants to listen. Many read my first book In My Mother's Words, and I have recently published my second book, Heart Whispers from the Old Testament. Both are the result of the prayer journals my mother gifted me her last Christmas. Those journals were full of the wisdom of a Faith Walker and had to be shared.

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