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2 Samuel 11:2



2 Samuel 11:2

Then it happened one evening that David arose from his bed and walked on the roof of the king’s house. And from the roof he saw a woman bathing, and the woman was very beautiful.

The beautiful woman was Bathsheba who was the wife of Uriah, a soldier in King David’s army. This verse is the beginning of a story full of sadness. His love for her resulted in Uriah’s death (which David orchestrated) and the birth of a child who eventually died.

When I read this story, I always feel sorry for Bathsheba because, really, who says no to a king. Apparently he couldn’t get the thought of her out of his mind, and (in my opinion) she paid a steep price for his attraction. David also lived with the consequences of his actions.

As a king, David did what he pleased and took what he wanted. He had no fear of criticism of censure, but his heart was broken by the death of the son Bathsheba bore him. That’s the lesson.

David was a powerful man whose repentance came with the death of a child. Someone’s unfaithfulness most always affects those closest to the situation. Their bodies won’t die, but their faith might.

In her journal Mother wrote, “No matter who you are, moral laxness will cause problems.

Dear Lord, Thank you for giving us free will, but help us stay close to you so that our choices don’t hurt innocent people and displease you. Help us to be faithful to you and those you’ve given us to love. Amen



Author: marymcleary

Grateful for so many things, especially the peace He gives and the opportunity to tell it to my kids, grandkids and anyone else who wants to listen. Many read my first book In My Mother's Words, and I have recently published my second book, Heart Whispers from the Old Testament. Both are the result of the prayer journals my mother gifted me her last Christmas. Those journals were full of the wisdom of a Faith Walker and had to be shared.

5 thoughts on “2 Samuel 11:2

  1. Thank God for a faithful husband! He enjoys looking at God’s creation of beautiful women, but still loves this 75 year old woman!


  2. I recently read a book called, Bathsheba Bathed in Grace, historical fiction about Bathsheba and 7 other women. I really enjoyed it and your post is a great follow-up. This story is also a wonderful reminder of God’s forgiveness; when David repented, he and Bathsheba were blessed with a son they named Solomon who became king after David and built the Lord’s temple. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Great reminder!




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