Covering my angst with the soothing wisdom from my mother's prayer journals

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Against the Odds


Joshua 23:10

One man of you shall chase a thousand, for the Lord your God is He who fights for you, as He has promised you.

When an underdog in a sporting event fights hard and gives his/her opponent a scare, it is called a moral victory. He/she fought the good fight and came out a winner of sorts.

If a person takes an unpopular stand against overwhelming odds and doesn’t get demolished in the process, that is also a moral victory.

A teenager who lives her faith may lose popularity, but her witness through the years could impact thousands.

In her journal Mother wrote, “Victory depends not on strength or numbers but on obedience and commitment to Him.”

Heavenly Father, I thank you for strength when the odds are against us. Help us to have the courage to do whatever You ask us to do. Amen


Heart Whispers from the Old Testament – My New Writing Project



Everybody needs a hobby and writing is mine. When Mother gifted me her prayer journals the Christmas before she passed away, I realized her wisdom needed to be shared so I started a blog of family faith stories each ending with an entry from Mother’s journals.

I had no confidence in my abilities as a writer and was reluctant to put my name into the blogosphere so I wrote under the name of my imaginary childhood friend, Ann Cocktale.

For two years I blogged every day and eventually the blog posts became my first book, In My Mother’s Words. With the help of my best buddy, Don McLeary and life-long friend, Polly Spencer, we uploaded the book to Kindle. A few months later, In My Mother’s Words became available in paperback, and the lovely Leah Ashby held a book signing at The Potter’s Garden ( I miss her!)

Self-publishing made me an Indy Writer (independent) which meant I could “piddle” around on various internet author pages. It also gave me the opportunity to have a Twitter interview which was not only nerve-wracking but disconcerting as well. The # and @ along with short answers did me in. Before ending the interview and suggesting I stick to Facebook Q &A’s, the interviewer asked if I had other projects in the works.

Before her question, I hadn’t thought about another book, but on the spot I decided I did have a project in mind and replied, “Yes, I’m going to write a devotional book and use more of Mother’s journal entries”

I just finished that devotional book, Heart Whispers from the Old Testament. I intended to write an entry for each day of the year using scriptures through the whole Bible and match each one with an entry from Mother’s journal, but I never got out of the Old Testament.

Like us, those folks were a hot mess. As in our society, God spoke to those who took time to listen. While I read the ancient scriptures, I heard whispers of hope I wanted to share. Heart Whispers from the Old Testament was written with my grandchildren in mind.

Mother wrote in her journal, “Life always has more questions than we have answers, and we must constantly go to His Word for fresh insights in to life’s dilemmas.”

I pray that God’s people will hold to the confidence in Him and go to the Bible for wisdom and fresh insight. He always speaks when we listen.

If you would like a copy of Heart Whispers from the Old Testament, click on the link below.

Thank you and I pray you continue hearing His whispers.

Mary McLeary



The Wilderness Journey

Today I read from The Book, “What wonders will our Guide show us in the wilderness?” A trip through the wilderness isn’t my idea of a fun trip. I would rather go to the beach, but at some point we will all visit the wilderness.

To make the trip successfully, you need an expert Guide to help you avoid disaster and make sure you appreciate the rare sights this painful trip offers. He will teach you to live by active faith rather than passive faith because the wilderness trip demands action – claim a word, hold to a principle, and believe.

When a couple had a child with multiple handicaps, life seemed like an unfamiliar wilderness and everyday was an act of faith. The Guide was faithful and the child has always been provided for and loved. Active faith has seen him reach his fortieth birthday when the doctors said he wouldn’t reach his first.

Another dear person had to apply active faith in a heartbreaking circumstance. Passive faith said, “Just endure; don’t do anything and take the anger and pain that will come.” Active faith said, “You have learned from the experience of another so you have the knowledge and the courage you need for action.”

With active faith she walked through a wilderness that once seemed unthinkable to her and a blessing was eventually delivered in the person of her baby son – healthy, strong and born for a purpose.

A mom and dad, whose greatest desire was to see their children’s spiritual roots grow deep, packed up their belongings, put their house on the market and moved in with her parents. He left a head coaching job with a state championship team to be an assistant.

The journey through that wilderness took over a year, but little by little the journey paid off and the whole family thrived spiritually and professionally.

Active faith is not reckless abandonment. It is purposely following The Guide through unfamiliar territory while expecting Him to safely lead you.

In Mother’s journal she wrote, “Do you believe He is able to do this? He deals with impossibilities. It is never too late for Him to do this as long as that which is impossible is brought to Him in complete faith.”

When asked to make the wilderness journey, follow The Guide. He will bring you through and when the that particular journey is over, you’ll be a stronger person.

This post is from my book In My Mother’s Words. It is available on Kindle or in paperback from
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