Covering my angst with the soothing wisdom from my mother's prayer journals

In My Mother’s Words Is Like Sunshine on Paper!


“Like sunshine on paper!”  Was the response one reader had after reading In My Mother’s Words which is available on Kindle and Amazon.

First published as an eBook, it is now available in and honest–to-goodness, hold-in-your-hand paperback which continues to climb in the Amazon rankings.

What started as a Christmas gift from Mother has now become a way to share her years of Bible study and passion for knowing Him, and it

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Cover via Amazon

is such a blessing to hear readers’ comments, like the one I heard recently while shopping in the produce section of the super market.

A woman stopped me and said, “Last night I couldn’t sleep so about 2:00 I got up and grabbed your book and as I read one of the entries, I felt real comfort.”

Another reader said, “Your book makes me think of my mom and how wise she was.  I want my kids to know her better and I can do that through writing some of my memories.”

Mother lived her faith and as I watched I learned. In My Mother’s Words is a project of the heart that, I hope, will bless and encourage you to share your own faith stories.

Please download it on your Kindle or order it in paperback from

2 thoughts on “In My Mother’s Words Is Like Sunshine on Paper!

  1. Shared on Twitter and on my FB fanpage! 🙂


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