Covering my angst with the soothing wisdom from my mother's prayer journals

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My Faith Family is My Lighthouse in the Fog of Life


The day was crystal clear until midmorning though we could see fog rolling in from the ocean. By noon it engulfed the beach and invaded the patio of the condo where we enjoyed the beautiful Alabama coastline. Since we didn’t want to miss a daily walk, we headed to the water’s edge despite the limited visibility.

We didn’t realize our mistake until we looked up to get our bearings. There were none. The fog hid the flags on the ground and the blue pelican sign we counted on to lead us to the building we currently called home. We had sense enough to cut our walk short and make our way back before we became totally lost.

The world seems to be currently fogged up in opinions, misinformation, and “fake news”. I need a lighthouse and I find one every Sunday when I worship with other Christ followers. The fellowship, music and truth shared through the scriptures keep me from getting lost.

Our lighthouse of choice Sunday was Romar Beach Baptist Church whose catch phrase is “The Lighthouse on the breach making a stand in the sand”. After meeting folks from Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, Alabama and Louisiana, we proceeded to the choir loft to sing old and new songs of praise.

The pastor then preached from Ephesians 10 and this is what I got from his sermon: Being a child of God is who I am and therefore, what I do. I am an heir of God. He chose me (and praise God, my children) I, in turn, received his free gift of grace and mercy. That makes me His self-expression which is a tremendous call.

I need for my eyes of understanding to be open and clear so I can receive the power of the Holy Spirit and victory in Jesus. My call is to be filled with the power of Christ. How? Put off the old and put on the new every day – repent and revive!

The pastor closed with something Mother could have written in her journal, “Oh the best thing in life that I ever did do was to take off the old robe and put on the new.”

Life, like the beach, isn’t foggy every day, but when it is I need a point of reference. I am grateful for faith walkers who gather as The Church and provide that very thing.